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Maybe Scouts can help police nab criminals

By Lindy McDowell

According to reports, Boy Scouts in one part of England were recently allowed to take part in a police operation to catch speeding drivers.

They were even allowed in on the lecture bit where the motorists are given the old 'shame on you' telling off. This has upset some commentators who feel it inappropriate for the young and degrading for the drivers (not to mention a bit humiliating for the cops on the ground, surely.)

Still, I don't know ...

Isn't this an initiative that could be rolled out to include other voluntary organisations? Like, say, the Women's Institute conscripted to help out CID? There's very little those girls can't get to the bottom of eventually.

And anyway - detective work - how hard can it be? The Mothers' Union could man the front counter - organised, kindly and approachable. And Girl Guides could have Search and Rescue.

This would free up any number of qualified cops to carry out what increasingly seems to be a priority for the police.

The PSNI is among those urging victims of crime to "share their experience of policing". This important project will include a 'User Satisfaction Telephone Survey' where crime victims will be asked crucial questions such as how they feel police might have improved on the 'service'.

Concentrated on catching criminals rather than collating 'feedback' perhaps?


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