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No danger of tears from Posh Spice

By Lindy McDowell

Tears. They're always a cute career move ...

Not that I am suggesting that Andy Murray's brief attack of the Gwyneth Paltrows after his brave tilt at the Wimbledon crown was anything other than unstoppable.

You can always tell the difference between emotion that is real and emotion that is X-Factored, and that is why Murray's wobbly-voiced speech and teary eyes so touched the hearts of people who previously didn't have a whole lot of time for him.

He didn't win the tennis. But for once he won his audience. Game, set and match.

His gracious words helped, of course. But the show of emotion that would have been unthinkable back in the Thirties when the last male British contender, Bunny Austin, got through to a Wimbledon final, touched the fans.

As Eamonn Holmes put it: "With that speech Andy Murray has won more than any Wimbledon title is worth. He has won the hearts of the country."

On a more cynical note, other sports stars will of course have been watching.

So prepare for the floodgates to open ...

But interestingly among that huge Wimbledon crowd was one star who has mastered a Bunnyesque degree of stiff upper lip.

Victoria Beckham.

Never once did she allow the merest hint of emotion to flicker across her pout.

Posh doesn't do smiling because she doesn't think it looks cool. She obviously doesn't do public weeping for exactly the same reason.

She is a throwback to an era when people always kept their emotions entirely in check in public places.

Her self control is nowhere near as fashionable as her design range.

But wow, is it impressive.


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