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No plans to cook these Belfast's geese ... yet

By Lindy McDowell

The greylag geese living in the vicinity of George Best Belfast City Airport can breathe easy - for now.

Thus far there are no plans to roast them in teriyaki sauce. But that could well be the way the wind is blowing ...

Already there are plans - and recipes - in hand for dealing with their near neighbour, (in genetic terms), the Canada Goose.

Natural England, of all organisations, has suggested that the Canada Goose, regarded as a bit of a pest in some parts (not to mention a threat to low flying aircraft), could be kept under control if they were to be sold over the poultry counter.

At present it is legal to shoot the goose and give it as a gift. But not to sell it. Natural England presumably envisages prepack Canada goose gougons down at the local supermarket.

Leading cookery writer Prue Leith says that the bird would be tasty roasted and served with aforementioned teriyaki sauce.

As a vegetarian myself I am loathe to recommend the barbecuing of anything with a central nervous system. But you can see the way this may be going.

So is this a dark omen for the greylags whose eggs - controversially - are 'pricked' in an effort to cull the population in Victoria Park lest they pose a threat to the nearby airport?

Could it be sauce for the greylag goose what's sauce for the Canada?


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