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Off-the-wall idea for Giro murals

By Lindy McDowell

The Jeer-o is pedalling its way towards us. But this being here, the honour of hosting the start of cycling's prestigious Giro d'Italia has led, inevitably, to a row over flags and murals.

Some want them done away with entirely before the event begins. But surely the man from community relations has a point when he says that's a bit like a dysfunctional family trying to hide their weird behaviour when visitors call. "Quick, shove granny behind the curtains." Although therein might lie a solution ... Why not cover the murals with big fabric advertising hoardings and make a bob or two from big business? Or better still, just focus on the fact the cyclists will be zipping past so fast they won't see anything. Ditto the TV cameras. Hosting the Giro is a great achievement. Let's see it for what it is. A showcase for tourism. Not terrorism.

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