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One is not amused at Helen's royal rip

Lindy McDowell

It must have been quite a moment when a drumming party happily banging away outside the Gielgud theatre in the West End were suddenly accosted by Her Majesty in full tiara and pearls demanding that they shut up.

Or asterisks to that affect.

Helen Mirren in her role as the Queen in the play The Audience threw a wobbly when the drumming troupe let rip for several minutes just outside the theatre door totally unaware that they were ruining audience enjoyment inside.

It's unclear what precise words Ms Mirren used to tell them to take a hike but she does admit to some "thespian language".

Ah, the old thespian language. Most of us have employed a few words of that from time to time.

But is it advisable for Ms Mirren to resort to it when in costume?

Ms Mirren has more or less cornered the market on the Queen. She is now the go-to actress to play Her Maj. She doesn't want to go spoiling that by veering off-script.

Maybe the Queen herself uses the odd bit of thespian language in private – who knows? – but you would think it would be safer for la Mirren's hold on the royal role to keep in character when in full tiara.

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