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Oscar and family toughing it out

By Lindy McDowell

Amid all the usual bleakery of the news, debates that divide us and reports that sicken us and depress us there occasionally is a story that inspires and unites us all in awe of towering, indefatigable courage.

Two words - Oscar Knox.

Little Oscar and his family have taken his battle for a cure for his cancer to America. No sooner had he arrived there than the child suffered an enormous setback with a collapsed lung. He couldn't be treated because he wasn't strong enough.

Happily he is now improving but he will need a longer stay in the US. This will mean further expense for the parents who have put their lives on hold as they fight for their little boy.

What is so uplifting about Team Oscar, as they call themselves, is how they have managed to stay upbeat as they've dealt with their son's illness.

God knows there must have been dark, dark moments. And some of that does come through when you read Oscar's Twitter page (@Wee_Oscar)

"Tough times. We need some good news today. C'mon Oscar you can do it," reads one tweet.

You can imagine the desperation behind that heartfelt plea.

And the good news is that Oscar did it and continues to do it. He has recovered from the collapsed lung. Even his hair is now growing back. That's down to the cheeseburgers joke Team Oscar.

If bravery was a cure he'd be out of the woods entirely. But Oscar still needs help, both financial and medical to see him through.

In the meantime his Twitter page charts his battle and his parents' steadfast, unwavering determination to ensure that battle will be won.

Some day when he's older Oscar Knox will read those things they tweeted for him. The lighthearted jokes, the desperate prayers.

He will be so proud of them.


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