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Perhaps Hillary's sick of sight of us

By Lindy McDowell

A present from Northern Ireland - norovirus.

As if this place doesn't have enough image problems to be getting on with, now comes news that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have picked up an unfortunate seasonal souvenir during her recent visit to our shores.

Winter vomiting bug.

Back in the States Hillary was reported to have been sick for a few days following her return from Europe, and fainted due to dehydration. She hit her head during the fall and suffered a concussion.

Happily she is now on the mend. Other members of her party are also said to have been taken ill with the same bug.

While the finger of suspicion is not being pointed exclusively in our direction as an infection source (she could have picked it up anywhere on her European trip) this place was a high-profile stop on her itinerary so has to be in the frame for blame.

Poor Hillary.

Not only did she pick up the bug on her travels, but the major issue for debate when she was over here was her hairdo - not what she had to say.

Her swept back locks were widely panned as too long for a woman of her years.

Hairstyle aside, she's still being touted as a potential candidate for the US presidency next time round. Her stamina is legendary. Hence so much surprise that she'd been felled by the stomach upset.

Will she come back to see us?

She does seem to have a fondness for this place and her visits here have the potential to help promote local tourism.

Her trip this time, however, coincided with street protests and carping about her hair and ended with Hillary in A-amp;E. All round then, a bit of a sickener for all concerned.


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