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Politics is proving to be a funny old business

By Lindy McDowell

During a live outside broadcast at Downing Street a rat was clearly seen scuttling past the famous doorstep.

I know ... any number of candidates.

And it would not be the first to have graced the steps of Number 10 and to have subsequently made a pitch for the TV spotlight.

What is happening to politicians nowadays? Can't they just retire and write their memoirs like they used to?

On a rough count, at the moment, we now have ex-MP Ann Widdecombe on tour with the Strictly show, being hauled around on stage like Mickey Rourke in turquoise chiffon and matching leggings.

There's Lembit Opik, ex-MP turned comedian, just out of the I'm a Celeb circus.

And now John Prescott picking up a five figure sum to appear in a TV ad that makes light of the fact that he once punched a bloke on the campaign trail and infamously ran Two Jags while preaching socialism.

This man was the Deputy Prime Minister. He is currently a sitting member of the House of Lords.

Politicians ... they're having a laugh, aren't they?


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