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Public stonings in Iran make the headlines, so why not in Belfast?

In Iran, when it was revealed that they planned to stone a young woman to death in public, the story made global headlines.

In Northern Ireland, a crowd try to stone a young woman to death and it makes local headlines for a couple of days.

Of course, the young woman here is not really a real human being. She’s a police officer

Sometimes you get the impression that’s how some people see it.

But no, actually.

No human being should be asked to endure the vicious savagery that is routinely inflicted on our police officers.

Watching television footage of police men — and very many police women — kitted out in riot gear moving in to stand as human shields in the midst of the most recent bombardment of hate, fire and concrete was genuinely humbling.

Police chiefs may have questions to answer about how they handled it all.

But the officers on the front line, those who took the full, savage fury of the mobs (and not just in Ardoyne) you need to know that so very many of us thought that you

Were magnificent.

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