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Revenge is tweet for smart Christine

By Lindy McDowell

Celebs moan about privacy invasion. Yet they love nothing more than Twitter - which has set a new international standard in how to invade your own privacy in 140 characters.

The famous use it to give us a carefully controlled "insight" into their lives and innermost thoughts.

But sometimes the constraint slips - and that's when it actually gets interesting.

Nothing beats a celeb Twitter spat.

Which is why Christine Bleakley was using the head when she didn't hit back at recent comments by Elen Rivas, Frank Lampard's ex and mother of his two little girls.

In a tweet, Rivas claimed she'd been unable to speak to her daughters at Christmas. The girls were in London with Lampard while their mother was in India.

"You would have thought the girlfriend would have a little maternal understanding ..." she tweeted.

Over to Christine ...

"I'd happily put the record straight but really don't think Twitter is a place to do it when children are involved."

Ow, ouch, Elen!

That wasn't just a polite way of telling Ms Rivas to have a Twitter of wit. It was also a very public way to score a point.

Revenge is tweet!


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