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Rihanna video gives us chance to cash in chips

By Lindy McDowell

The film was made to accompany her new single. Which is entitled We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place.)

So that's all of us taking offence for starters ...

The film shows scenes of pharmaceuticals, a couple in a bath, rowing, Rihanna being sick and having her bum branded with the word 'MINE'.

The usual sort of uplifting rock industry portrayal of the modern young woman.

Still. Over-analysing these things isn't always a good idea.

And the video - visually stunning in parts - is far from being the worst. It's a global thing that was made here so shouldn't we be looking to capitalise on this?

The other day I walked down past the chip shop in North Street and the amusement arcade where other scenes from the video were filmed.

Rihanna was shown dancing on the counter in one and trying her luck with the one-armed bandits in the other.

If I was an owner of either establishment I think I'd have the relevant scene from the video blown up and posted in the window to catch the eye of any passing shoppers and tourists.

The song title might seem a tad negative but it's so easy to turn these things around.

For a chip-shop owner with an eye for an pun there's an obvious new addition for the menu here.

A Hopeless Plaice?

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