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Royal wedding: It's hats off to stylish Joss Stone

By Lindy McDowell

I know the Royal Wedding is done and dusted and all fashion aspects analysed to CSI standards.

But I still can't get over the hats. Or fascinators, as we now must call them.

What possessed so many of those wealthy, elegant women to plump for those things they plonked on their heads?

Tara Palmer Tomkinson was beautifully dressed but looked as if a small blue fishing boat had fetched up on her bonce. It was like a scene from a south coast harbour after a bad storm.

Victoria Beckham had almost the same boat beached on her forehead. As did half of Bugenie.

Eugenie, I think it was, had the upturned blue boat while Beatrice - poor Beatrice - had the pretzel .

These are pretty, young girls experimenting with fashion but you have to wonder wasn't there someone around to have a look at them before they left the house. To tell them kindly: "Maybe it's a bit much ... "

The great irony is that if the pair of them, like so many other girls their age had had to shop in Topshop or River Island or New Look or Primark, chances are they would have come away with a much more flattering, certainly younger look. Instead they are a triumph of excess over common sense.

Unlike Joss Stone, who rocked up in a simple two-piece outfit from the High Street and a hat that was a real hat and consequently out-dazzled the entire designer-dressed lot of them.


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