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Sam's got the fashion blues

By Lindy McDowell

One of the job hazards of being a world leader's wife these days is the bit about how during official overseas visits you're now expected to promote your nation's fashion industry.

You can see how this could work well if say, Mr Kate Moss was ever elected to Number 10. But most leaders' wives come in more realistic shapes and sizes than the gorgeous supermodel so the fashion promotion work tends to be a bit hit and miss.

Samantha Cameron is a fine looking woman with a good figure. But it would be fair to say a few of her outfits during her husband's recent state visit to America fell into the 'miss' category. Especially the blue lacy number with the bow at the neck that she wore to the formal dinner. The same dinner where the statuesque and luminous Michelle Obama turned up in much the same colour but in a design that made the most of her figure and frankly helped her look even more stunning.

Michelle beamed, Samantha just looked uncomfortable.

The dress she'd chosen wasn't awful. It just didn't suit her. She looked like her own great-aunt.

Is the problem that she tries too hard? That she tries to be uber-fashionable opting for styles that only uber-cool models can pull off? I tried to imagine that dress for example, on the aforementioned Miss Moss. And yup, she would have looked better in it than Sam.

The most telling thing though? I doubt if, at the same 'do' and knowing she was competing in national fashion promotion with Mrs Obama, she'd even have considered wearing it in the first place.


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