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Sir Hugh’s UDA chat is bang out of Order

You would think that if it was to come to the knowledge of the local cop shop that you or I had a gun buried at the bottom of the garden, a visit from the local constabulary would be in order.

Of the breaking-down-the-door, digging-up-the-garden, scooping-the-suspects variety.

Then again, maybe not.

Who’s to say that these days we wouldn’t get invited up to Stormont for tea and Hob Nobs with a government minister and a police chief?

This week, it’s been reported that Security Minister Paul Goggins and Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde held talks at Stormont with members of the UPRG and ‘other leading loyalists’.

For "other leading loyalists" read UDA chiefs. Including Jackie McDonald, boss of all bosses.

The authorities have recently been warning them that the deadline on handing over their arms is fast running out. So they better sort it — or else.

Um, or else what?

Will the Government introduce really serious sanctions after that deadline? Like limiting Jackie to one Hob Nob per sitting?

The UDA bosses must be laughing their counterfeit designer socks off at the authorities right now.

But the really shocking thing about this story is that the chief of police, Sir Hugh Orde, attended the meeting with the leaders of an illegal terror gang.

It’s on a par with the Chicago police sitting down with Al Capone.

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