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Sister style act isn't real work, girls


Beatrice and Eugenie

Beatrice and Eugenie

Matt Cardy

Beatrice and Eugenie

Unusually for them, the Fergie sisters, Beatrice and Eugenie, managed to get through the Jubilee celebrations without a major fashion faux pas.

The style exuberance that brought us the infamous pretzel hat during the Royal wedding has been toned down considerably.

Sadly for the girls, they now know that no matter how hard they try they are never going to eclipse the new stars of the Royal pageant, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Her Royal Pippaness. Even with a satellite dish on their heads.

Kate has cornered the market in elegant unfussiness.

She's even made a dress previously associated with Tulisa and Kim Kardashian look demure.

Pippa's trademark is anything that photographs well from behind.

It doesn't leave a lot for Bea and Eug to play with.

And their problem doesn't just end with finding their fashion niche.

Post Jubilee you wonder how the two girls will make their mark in public life.

It's not as though they're important cogs in the Royal machine. The "Firm" now has so many branches it's in need of a long overdue trim.

This would leave Fergie's daughters, like the Duchess herself, looking like two spare parts. Harsh but true.

They would earn respect if, unlike their father, they are seen to knuckle down to a real job.

Dressing up for state occasions just doesn't cut it anymore. Looking good in the eyes of the public will entail a bit more than just ditching the pretzel and frills, girls.