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So, whose big day was it anyway?

By Lindy McDowell

It's always a tricky area for the mother of the bride ...

You want to look good but you don't want to upstage the bride. Pity no-one told Bianca Jagger.

Or indeed Sir Mick who turned up at his daughter's wedding in a stripey pyjama-style suit in pink and purple. Jade who?

The poor bride in her traditional white gown only just got a look-in amid newspaper coverage of her recent wedding because she had managed to squeeze into one pic between her spotlight-hogging parents.

On one side there is Sir Mick in his pink pinstripe suit looking like he's been upholstered in an offcut from a beach umbrella.

At the other side - in every sense - is la Bianca in a stern black coat, Queen Mother gloves and a dramatic choice of headgear that resembles a farmhouse chicken attempting to seek shelter beneath an upturned dinner plate. Poor Jade - how do you ever compete with that?

At least Mick is grinning happily for the wedding album. Bianca, with her sucked in cheeks and stern gaze, looks like she's lining up for a G8 photocall, not a family wedding snap.

Sometimes you wonder why the offspring of the famous so often turn out to be attention-seeking show-offs desperate to be centre-stage.

Then again, sometimes you can quite see why.


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