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Speculation about Kate's post-royal baby slimming is not right, but it's OK!

By Lindy McDowell

OK! magazine may be feeling a bit short of an exclamation mark this week after the mauling it has taken for running a speculation piece about the Duchess of Cambridge's post-natal slimming regime.

Jo Swinson, who is minister for "women and equalities", has led the charge. Ms Swinson, who is herself pregnant, rightly points out that: "Fitting into the pre-pregnancy jeans is NOT the priority after giving birth."

Too true. Mostly it's trying to get even a couple of hours kip.

But while we all agree with the "women's minister" that focusing on waist measurement in the days immediately following childbirth is setting an impossible standard, do magazine readers really require a government minister to point out to them just how daft this is?

Actually I have some sympathy for poor old OK! which has, in a way, also been expecting ...

For a magazine going to press just around the time a high profile baby is due there's that terrible pressure of having to appear to be on top of events. Even when you can't possibly be. It's the publishing world's equivalent of having to buy the lemon babygro.

Where OK! went horribly wrong was in projecting ahead and assuming a familiar scenario where celeb mother has baby, celeb mother disappears from view and then reappears six weeks later, toned, honed and Pilated into a size six.

Unfortunately for OK! the image of the smiling Duchess that was actually dominating the newstands alongside their commemorative slimming edition was that of a normal young mother focusing on her baby. Not her belly.

Meanwhile, in other glossy magazine news this week, the Co-op food chain has warned that in future it will not stock so-called lads' mags without "modesty covers."

How poor old OK!, caught with its tummy-control shape-wear down, must have been wishing for one of those ...

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