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Sportswear firm on trend with X Factor generation

The adidas tracksuit top is having what the fashionistas would call, a bit of a moment.

First up was its starring appearance in the footage of English looters on the rampage. They weren't just rustling armfuls of the sportswear from ransacked stores. An impressively large number of rioters were wearing adidas - as police "wanted" pics illustrate.

In fairness this is a reflection of just how on trend (another fashion phrase) the label currently is with the youth sector of the market in general.

And not just with the rioting yoof of Tottenham.

Despots also like the three stripe look.

You can imagine how the hearts of marketing chiefs must have dipped when it was revealed that one of the pics of Colonel Gaddafi found in his abandoned Tripoli mansion shows the old rogue posing in an adidas track suit. And Burberry thought their label being associated with chavs was bad ...

On the upside, the adidas tracksuit top has had another, much less dodgy, outing in the spotlight in recent days. It was worn by Jade Richards, the Fife girl who made Kelly and Louis cry in the X Factor.

Hailed as the new star of the series, we have been informed since, however that Jade must now be given a makeover.

Her Goth look (not really, she just had a lot of eyeliner) and the trackie top are to be replaced by something much more showbiz.

Whether this will be an improvement, we shall see.

Remember the multiple helmet thing they forced on poor Katie Waissel?

Even Gaddafi would have baulked at one of those.