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Steve's pointing the finger at Miley


In a week of especially grim, bleak, sad headlines the hoo-ha over twerking Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana as was, has provided a bit of light relief.

Clad in flesh-coloured latex, her tongue hanging out like a Labrador after a six-mile hike, the girl was doing her best to shake off her wholesome Disney image by gyrating around an MTV stage – shall we say? – caressing fellow performer Robin Thicke with a big foam finger glove. The sort you used to see a lot at football matches (the foam finger. Not the caressing). The response to her dodgy dancing has since set the Twittersphere alight and divided opinion everywhere. Overall, most would appear to feel Miley made a bit of an eejit of herself.

Anyway, my favourite story from the controversy – my favourite story of the week – was the reaction to it all from Steve Chmelar, inventor, we are informed, of the original foam finger glove.

Steve created the first foam finger back in 1971 to wave in support of his local baseball team. In the years since it has criss-crossed the globe pointing up its enduring popularity.

But now Miley, Steve sniffs, has taken "an honourable icon that is seen in sporting events everywhere and degraded it".

So never mind the twerking and the tongue.

The degradation of foam fingered iconology is the unforgivable thing.

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On the plus side, Steve comforts himself, "the foam finger has been around long enough that it will survive this incident".

If ever there was a boy who needs to take himself and his foam finger a wee bit less seriously ...

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