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Stub out the attacks on Stacey

By Lindy McDowell

Last time we saw her on screen, Stacey Solomon was twinkling in the Iceland Christmas TV ad singing songs of praise to the frozen food chain's festive range of chilled party nibbles - the very epitome of yummy mummydom.

Since then we've learned that Stace who already has a little boy is expecting another baby in May. Who could fail to feel happy for the girl?

And then this week dreadful pictures have emerged. There was pregnant Ms Solomon having a sneaky fag outside a building where she had been attending a photoshoot.

Such was the public alarm at this that she was dropped almost immediately as Foxy Bingo Celebrity Mum of the Year.

Apparently it's OK to gamble when you're pregnant. But not smoke. There are of course, very good health reasons - both for herself and unborn child (these things tend to be linked during pregnancy) - why Stacey should not be availing of the weed.

But - and I say this as someone who has never smoked - my understanding is that it can be very, very difficult to give up the fags. Maybe poor Stacey just can't. Who are we to judge?

But we judge anyway because that is what we are all impelled to do these days. And nobody invokes our fury quite like a young celeb mother.

If she's not going back to work too early (Amanda Holden) she's wearing inappropriately high footwear (Amanda Holden and Victoria Beckham) she's losing weight too fast (Amanda Holden, Victoria Beckham, several hundred others) or she's losing weight too slowly. She may also be wearing tight clothing, staying out late, dressing up or letting herself go. She can't win.

But surely the stress of this current furore can't be good either - for mother or for child.

We've all made mistakes. Give the girl a break.


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