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Sweden's the home of Ikea, not gulags, Mr Assange

By Lindy McDowell

Among the things that I have somehow been unable to get worked up about of late (although everyone else seems to) is the issue of Matt Cardle getting to No1 in the charts with his X Factor CD.

I know I probably should be raging against the Cowell machine. But surely there are more pressing matters we could be getting het up about other than a seasonal chart that previously gave us Mistletoe and Wine, Mull of Kintyre and There's No One Quite Like Grandma.

Does the X Factor thing particularly rile some because it's popular and, well, common?

And another thing which doesn't really bother me all that much ...

Mr WikiLeaks. Either way.

Some may see him as the ultimate hero of our times (Jemima Khan) Or the Great Satan (Sarah Palin.)

I just wonder if perhaps his impact on civilisation may have been a mite overstated by supporters who interestingly seem to include more women of a certain age than even Susan Boyle's fan base.

Mr Assange says he wants to clear his name over allegations made in Sweden. Why doesn't he just go there and sort it out?

It's Sweden, for God's sake. Not the gulags.

The argument is that once there, he may be onward extradited to the US. But couldn't that also happen in the UK which has been threatening to send an autistic hacker stateside?

Sweden's only attempt at world domination has been via Ikea.

Yet, the most telling thing we have learnt via the whole Wiki-saga?

Apparently some people do not trust our decent and civilised European neighbour to deliver justice.


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