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Take a break, Mr Obama, from those holiday stunts

By Lindy McDowell

Barack Obama’s John Gummer moment came this week in the balmy waters off the US Gulf Coast.

Gummer got his wee girl to chomp into a burger at the height of the BSE crisis in the UK in 1990 in order to reassure the masses that beef was healthy.

The President took nine-year-old Sasha swimming in order to endorse the now non-oiliness of Gulf waters. Except that, as some nit-pickers point out, he was in St Andrew Bay which isn’t, technically, in the Gulf.

Also, as other nit-pickers point out, his chest wasn’t entirely visible in the one photo released.

Which isn’t technically fair on those who might want to pass comment on the presidential physique. (Is he — like Nick Clegg — piling on the pounds in office?)

The Florida trip has been criticised for brevity. The First Family spent a mere 27 hours doing the rounds on their outing cum PR exercise.

Meanwhile, Michelle has also been in hot water over her recent trip to Marbella with critics questioning the cost. That’s the trip where she and her daughter were paraded down the street with an entourage on the scale of the BBC’s Glastonbury reporting team and surrounded by massed ranks of media gawping as she inspected the tourist tat on a market stall.

It’s not exactly getting away from it all.

Next up the Obamas are due in Martha’s Vineyard for a 10 day stay.

Surely this long-suffering family are due that break — if only as a break from all those other breaks.

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