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Thanks for a bum note, Rihanna

By Lindy McDowell

The story of Rihanna's field and her eviction from the same by a Co Down farmer dominated global entertainment headlines for ages last year.

And now a smaller but nonetheless scenic acreage connected to the singer is once again the focus of international media scrutiny.

Rihanna's butt.

According to reports, the singer used a body double during the making of an Armani ad. And, according to these reports, the body double in question was local girl Jahnassa Aicken, from Co Down, a stunning model with the Style Academy Agency.

Rihanna, however, would seem to have denied these reports by tweeting that she rejected the claims and felt the newspaper concerned was mistaken in its assertions.

Or two words to that effect.

So who knows what the truth is? Who really cares?

For the gorgeous Jahnassa, like that field off the Bangor dual carriageway, is now firmly on the map.

And she should do her utmost to make the very best out of her moment in the sun. (Or if you prefer, The Sun.)

Celebritydom is currently awash with people who, given 15 minutes of fame (sometimes even less) seized their opportunity and made something of it. Samantha Brick. Frankie Cocozza. The wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons ...

In the Bum-gate controversy everyone's a winner because all parties benefit from maximum media attention.

Rihanna especially must love us here. She's found so much publicity in this hopeless place.


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