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That 1,000 women claim? It's beyond our Ken

By Lindy McDowell

What sort of an oul eejit is Ken Barlow? Or William Roache as he is otherwise known when he isn't on duty on our screens as Coronation Street's revered elder statesman.

The joke has always been that boring, solid, dependable, old Ken has had, down through the years of soap romancing, somewhere in the region of two dozen screen lovers.

Improbable or what?

Actually says his alter ego Roache, not even near.

In an interview the actor claims he's slept with up to 1,000 women in real life.

The first thing that strikes you about this is that you've heard it all before. Not from a septuagenarian soap icon granted. The "I've had a thousand" claim is usually the territory of the Cuprinol-chested ranks of reality "stars", cage-fighters and fading pop stars.

But what may be OK! in the magazine revelation sense for a twentysomething is a bit more Hello? when it comes to a bloke old enough to be his granda.

What possessed Ken to reveal these startling secrets of his boudoir? And who did he think he was going to impress? (Deirdre's neck tendons will have been in overdrive at the shock of it all.)

Maybe the man is driven to shake off once and for all the boring Ken Barlow tag which no amount of Street affairs were ever going to dislodge.

It hasn't worked.

If you do the math (as our American friends would say) 1,000 women over Ken's long lifetime could also add up to the fact that he's not so much very amorous as just very old. And still about as exciting as Betty's hotpot.


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