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The mags that have celebrity misery covered

By Lindy McDowell

Research shows that with the stresses of 21st century life more young women than ever are succumbing to depression.

Is it any wonder?

Even escapism isn't what it used to be. Women's magazines have come a long way since the days when they were just about a wee love story, tips on how to re-whiten the tile grouting and knitting patterns for bobble hats.

Good thing, too, you might say ... until you take a close look at some of the offerings on the shelves.

Current highlights from the magazine rack include Pick Me Up! which features front page headlines I Went To Bed With a Stroke and Woke Paralysed. Twisted Hubby Melted My Whole Face Off. And - My Sex Life's Been Ruined by Madonna.

And this one is called Pick Me Up!

The cheerily named That's Life promos on page one - My Mum's 100 Secret Lovers; I Had Twins By Different Dads; Hubby Ran Off with 14-Year-Old Babysitter and I Hated My Baby For Making Me Fat.

Again, the question must be asked - That's Life?

Chat magazine features Sliced Off: I Castrated My Evil Dad. (Which does sound like the sort of thing you might feel the need to chat about.)

And if real-life isn't gripping enough there are always the crises of the stars to worry about ...

One glossy has page one pics of strained looking stars Kerry, Jessie and Tulisa under the respective headlines Heartbroken, Fuming and Terrified.

These misery mags obviously sell well. Maybe because we all take some comfort from thinking there's always someone out there in a worse pickle than ourselves.

Even if like Kerry, Jessie and Tulisa they have a consistent track record of bouncing back from this week's angst in time for next week's cover.


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