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The Oscars' goodie bags don't reflect hard times

By Lindy McDowell

Never mind the frocks, the gongs, the who-said-what and the who wished they hadn't.

Surely the most intriguing part of the whole Oscars shebang has to be the goodie bags?

The adult goodie bag is a bit of an after-thought in the party scene on these shores. But at the Oscars it's long been legend. And no wonder.

Back here at the average evening bash, a goodie bag tends to consist of a mouse mat bearing the sponsor's trashy logo, a two-inch vial of Eau de Awful, some bumph from the more cheapskate sponsors and the inevitable couple of chocolates you sling into your pocket to give to the kids in the morning only to discover the next day that they've burst their little liqueur hearts (the chocs, not the kids) and you're now facing a dry cleaning bill that would cover the entire room for goodie giveaways.

The Oscar version (no surprises really) is so much more impressive. According to reports, stellar beings such as Colin and Johnny and Angelina and Natalie and Cate and Helena can pick up the likes of vouchers for holidays in the Maldives.

And diamonds. Worth thousands.

Meanwhile, up on stage there's Anne Hathaway doing eight costume changes (none of them all that great.) And Elton among the many hosting lavish after-show parties.

Just a year ago wasn't it that Tinseltown said it was playing down the Oscars season to show empathy with ordinary punters during recession?

How time flies.


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