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These reckless owners are barking mad

By Lindy McDowell

Who would leave a dog enclosed in a car with the window open just a fraction, on one of the hottest days of the year?

It's hard to know what goes on (or doesn't go on) in the heads of people like that dog owner in England who left her pet cooped up in its automobile oven. Luckily the dog, bounding about inside in distress, set off the car alarm and passers-by were alerted to his plight.

A crowd of helpers who gathered managed to soothe the stricken animal, get him water, cool him with wet towels.

It could have been worse ...

In parts of America they now screen television ads encouraging people not to forget their small children when they leave the vehicle.

Check before you lock the car, they plead.

Who, you have to wonder, would forget about their baby in the back seat – in any weather?

But apparently it has happened. Several times.

Leaving a small gap of window open isn't going to work in American temperatures.

It won't work here either, even if the car isn't directly in the summer sun.

It's not such a major thing to expect that pet owners nipping in to the shops, say, would envisage that on a hot day the inside of a car with windows closed is going to be unbearably hot for any living creature.

Dangerously, lethally hot.

What is wrong with people?

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