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This panto is no fun for Belfast

By Lindy McDowell

Says it all about the dissidents that their contribution to Christmas was to bomb the pantomime. Fair enough, the pantomime wasn't the prime target. But the Mother Goose community now also finds itself in the sights of the terrorists. This on the back of a full year of pantomime.

We've had wee Buttons Bryson, Willie Frazer posing as Ali Baba, the UVF as the 40 thieves, Gerry Adams claiming to be Snow White, the aforementioned dissidents as the blood-sucking ogres, Stormont handling of all this, Dozy and Dopey, and now finally Richard Haass appearing as the Wizard of Oz. Meanwhile, every attack or crisis has politicians chorusing that they thought all that was behind us.

Oh, no it isn't.

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