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Time to go to rehab, Amy

By Lindy McDowell

Amy Winehouse's weekend performance in the Serbian capital has been described as "the worst ever concert in the history of Belgrade" and even the Serbian foreign minister who, you might think, would have more pressing matters to deal with has lambasted it.

Was it really so awful?

Serbian fans paid a packet to watch her sing - or rather to fall apart in yet another spectacular meltdown recorded, via YouTube, for posterity.

What's wrong with the girl? Fairly obviously some form of substance abuse.

A more pertinent question might be what's wrong with people around her who are allowing this to happen?

Not the musicians in her band, it should be pointed out. They appeared mortified and to be doing what little they could in terms of damage limitation.

"Let me tell you ... ", she rambles at one point. Her observations are immediately cut short by the band bringing the backing music up to swift conclusion.

Like Britney before her, what Amy Winehouse needs is a total break from performing until she's well enough to handle it.

Which may be a very long time away. Which may even, sadly, be never.

Watching that shambolic show on YouTube is like watching a latter day freak show.

It's help she needs. Not a European tour.


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