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We should show a hole lot more concern


A very large hole in the road

A very large hole in the road

A very large hole in the road

Another week, another void. This week Castlereagh Street, last week Annadale Avenue, before that (and to some extent ongoing) the Ravenhill Road. To quote the old joke, shouldn't Stormont be looking into these holes?

Not in a piecemeal, let's-patch-this-one-up-for-now sort of way, but an overall analysis of the stability of the sub-structure of the city. What's causing the voids (can they be avoided?) and is there any way of gauging how many more there may be?

We may occasionally say we'd wish the earth to open up and swallow us. But generally this is loose talk. Really we'd prefer it not to.

Twitter has its cake... and eats it

Sense of humour failure ... on the 200th anniversary of the British burning down of the White House (by troops led by a general from here) the British Embassy tweets a pic of a commemorative cake. "Only sparklers this time!" is the jokey caption in reference to the historic arson.

Cue outrage on Twitter. "Poor taste," tweets one offendee. We may be witnessing a trend here. Sponge rage. (Remember our own Bert and Ernie cake-gate?) Surely we have bigger things to be getting annoyed about. Have we entirely lost a sense of perspective? There's the real burning question.

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