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Welcome return by Amanda

By Lindy McDowell

I've mentioned before my admiration of Amanda Holden who was back in the news again this week with her return to the Britain's Got Talent judging panel.

This comes just weeks after she gave birth to her second child Hollie - and very nearly lost her life following complications during labour.

Ms Holden looked utterly radiant.

Beaming ear-to-ear she spoke about how she was "so in love" with her little girl.

She looked so healthy and happy.

And yet she's still managed to earn criticism from some who feel that she should stay at home to take time to "bond" with her child.

This old "bonding" argument always confuses me because there doesn't seem to be any guidance on how long it takes.

Six weeks? Six months? Six years?

Or are you supposed to hang on in there until your baby has grown a moustache and is talking about getting a mortgage?

The fact is that some women are ready - and keen - to get back to work much earlier than others.

This doesn't make them bad people or bad mothers any more than it makes their stay-at-home counterparts bad either for choosing prolonged maternity leave. The real trick is to know your own mind and not let criticism (and for women there always seems to be plenty of that, sadly all-too-often from other women) get to you.

Amanda Holden is hardly facing going down a mine shaft.

She looks like she's totally enjoying life, her family and her job.

And in a celeb world where so many other women look stressed out, haggard and put upon, that's a genuinely good look.


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