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We're going through an awful phrase

By Lindy McDowell

Words and phrases that we might wish to see the back of at the start of another bright, shiny New Year?

These I would nominate.

First up - activists. A nonsensical, over-used, meaningless, catch-all term that seems to cover everybody from charity workers to terrorists.

And where does that leave those of us who are not activists?

Are we inactivists? Or just underactive activists?

Also - "See what I did there?" Maybe the first half a million times this was trotted out it sounded clever. It really doesn't any more.

"I'm only saying" ... ditto.

Also - "no brainer".

"I'm meeting with (someone)" ...

No, you're not meeting with anyone. You're meeting them. Unless you're in New York. There you can meet with people to your heart's content.

"Wha'z happenin'?" Now standard greeting of Belfast youth. What was wrong with "What about yay?"

The "we" word. Not the shopping "wee" as in: "Your wee receipt is in your wee bag." But the fashion magazine "we" as in: "We're loving the new collection from ... "

Who's this we? The entire staff? Or just the work experience girl who actually wrote the piece.

Also "on trend", "you've nailed it", "I'm so proud of you", the omni-presence of "inappropriate", "unhelpful" (as used by politicians) "you know what I mean ... ?" (especially when used after a straightforward concept such as: "I was walking down the street ..." and "I'm not trying to be funny but ..." which very, very rarely involves humour of any sort.

Finally - fracking. A word I just feel sorry for. It's not a nice word. Even people who have no notion of what fracking is know they're against it because of the word.

An eight letter word with a four letter feel.

Never good.


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