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What a fairytale life, Alex

By Lindy McDowell

That well-known chieftain of the Scottish race, Alex Salmond, and a number of his ministers are reported to have spent nigh on 50 grand travelling to L.A. to view a movie.

This without even the popcorn.

In fairness Mr Salmond did have some other official functions of a tartan nature to attend to in Tinseltown.

Nonetheless his decision to include attendance at the premiere of Brave has raised some eyebrows back home.

Especially since the film was always going to be screened in Edinburgh at some point in the future anyway. The movie, which stars the voices of the likes of Robbie Coltrane and Billy Connolly, tells the story of Merida a young red-haired Caledonian girl of noble birth who rages against the royal establishment.

She’s a sort of Scottish Fergie (the Duchess, not the football manager.)

It’s a film for the kiddies. Mr Salmond is known to recognise the importance of the youth vote — he’d like to see 16-year-olds have a say at the polls — but it’s surely taking things a bit far to be championing a cartoon heroine.

Some might say it Disney make a whole lot of financial sense either, Alex.

Will the Scots, famously known to be careful about matters monetary, regard their First Minister’s trip to L.A. as Brave?

Or brave and expensive?

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