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When the chips are down, let's go GaGa

By Lindy McDowell

It is hoped the up-coming MTV awards will help generate as much as £10m for the local economy.

This is wonderful news. At the very least it will pay for the summer rioting (circa £1.6m) and our rejected Moroccan potatoes (half a mill).

The story of our spurned spuds is only now emerging, although it's said to have happened in 2010.

According to reports, we sent Morocco a load of our finest Combers (or whatever) and Moroccan officials turned up their noses. They alleged the spuds were infected with some sort of fungal scurf. (Potatoes of other nationalities were also turned back.)

The Ulster Potato Association (the UPA - I love it!) was offered a choice of take them back home or have them destroyed there and then.

At additional cost.

So that's another £17,000 for spud disposal that the MTV money may come in handy for.

We should still, however, have some considerable change left out of the £10m that MTV will hopefully generate for local coffers.

So bring it on. GaGa, Beyonce, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Katy Perry, whoever ...

The MTV bash is one of the biggest, most positive things to happen in Belfast for a long time.

This week's launch of Snow Patrol tickets may have ended (inevitably) with some touts trying to sell the freebies on eBay. But, in fairness, it's hard to see how the city council could have handled it otherwise.

There are always going to be some maggots who will take advantage.

And the MTV awards won't just generate cash for all our peculiarly local bills.

It will give us all a chance to party.

Along with rioting and growing spuds, we're good at that.


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