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When the tattoos start to look a little less Peachy...


Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof


Peaches Geldof

There was a time when anybody who was anybody had a small butterfly, devil or partner's name tastefully tattooed about their buttocks.

But is the bottom about to drop out of the body art market?

Actress Megan Fox has announced that she's getting shot of an arm portrait of Marilyn Monroe. (Negative vibes given la Monroe's addiction issues, apparently.)

Meanwhile, Peaches Geldof has also let it be known that she rues her own extensive body branding which includes a flowery design running from leg to torso. Pink, Kelly Osbourne and Eva Longoria are also off-loading. In the entertainment business tattoos (unless facial) are unlikely to be all that much of a hindrance. But in the real world job seekers are discovering that they're not necessarily something you'll want to flaunt in an interview. A recent study in America found that some employers are turning down the tattooed because they "unsettle older customers".

Is that why tattoos are falling from favour? Not entirely ...

For outside of gangsters, hard men and computer geeks, this was always a fashion thing. And fashions change.

Once the celeb community starts making a beeline for the laser removal service you can bet your name in Chinese characters that body art is on its way out.

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The unfortunate things is that, unlike big shoulder pads or beehive hairdos, this trend won't be so easy for the ordinary punter to dump.

You can take out the tongue stud. Not so simple to remove the inked in angel, zodiac sign, Arabic proverb or loving tribute to a former lover.

Hollywood stars can afford to get their flashes changed in a flash.

Who'll foot the bill when the masses decide to follow suit?

The NHS?

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