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Why Bruce will always be the Boss


Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

Bill Kostroun

Bruce Springsteen

Just about everyone who travelled down to Dublin to see Bruce Springsteen has been raving about the concert. What was he wearing? This isn't mentioned in reports.

His only onstage gimmick? A mock up "generator" which he used to have a wee snipe back at the London council which had pulled the plug on his concert there after he and Paul McCartney were judged to have twisted and shouted beyond allotted time.

Other than that he and his band just gave the punters what they came for; a newspaper review described them as the best live rock and roll act in the world. What struck me about all the reports from both the concert-goers and the press was that it was all about the music.

The Boss may be getting on a bit. But he doesn't have to rely on shock tactics to make headlines. No breast-baring there.

Unlike Madonna who, despite provoking an almost unanimous yeeoough when she purposefully wardrobe-malfunctioned for Muslim women's rights earlier in her current tour, has been at it again.

Baring the other breast just to even things up. She wears fishnets, brandishes fake guns and expletes like a trooper. This certainly gets her ... well ... exposure. But it also attracts sneering which is never good for a showbiz career. The general consensus is she's starting to look foolish. And worse, desperate. The problem is that when your rock image - and this applies to both male or female acts - is based on your perceived sexiness you've got to keep making a statement about it. Unlike Springsteen who just lets the music do the talking.