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Why Government needs to lay off the booze warnings

By Lindy McDowell

The Government is agonising over whether alcohol bottles should be forced to carry warnings in much the same way that fag packets already have to.

A number of companies do package their booze with labels exhorting the consumer to “drink responsibility” (which is probably a contradiction in terms.)

But is this enough?

Even graphic slogans on ciggie packets and pictures of diseased lungs don’t seem to have deterred the hardline smoking population. If they’re prepared to leave a warm bar on a February day for their nicotine fix outdoors in the rain and wind, they’ll probably be able to weather the label on the beer bottle warning them about units and limits.

Anyway surely the drinks industry could argue that one simple slogan on the label is all that’s required to reinforce the message.

By pointing out that by the time he or she has necked a couple of strong ones, the concerned drinker seeking health advice will, most likely, be able to see it in triplicate.

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