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Why I feel prickly over Holly storm

So who's side are you on? Arlene or Alesha? Holly or Fern? Cheryl or Dannii?

Why is it that so many popularity contests - real or media manipulated - appear to centre on women?

It so rarely happens with men.

And even when it does - Terry Wogan or Chris Evans? - the debate in focussed on ability and appeal.

Not on looks, cleavage, crows feet and catfighting.

Magazines give the impression for example, that Fern Britton and Holly Willoughby are constantly at each other's throats.

Or would be if they were allowed in the same studio.

Evidence for this?

Well, Holly replaced Fern so there must be bad blood.

Mustn't there?

Meanwhile the Arlene, Alesha thing is getting so nasty Ban Ki Moon should be thinking of sending in the peace corps to keep their camps apart.

And while Cheryl and Dannii are getting a bit of a break, it's surely only a matter of time before their "differences" are being talked up again.

It all plays into the old stereotype about bitchy women ready to claw each other's eyes out through professional jealousy.

Not like their placid, measured male counterparts.

Yeah, right ...


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