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Why I’m finally convinced that David Kelly wasn’t murdered

By Lindy McDowell

As with the death of Marilyn Monroe, the death of Elvis and the death of Diana, the death of weapons inspector David Kelly has spawned its own spate of conspiracy theories.

A scientist dismisses this as playing Cluedo.

But there are some of us who, in the case of Dr Kelly, would still finger the culprit as Tony Blair, in the Cabinet office with a dodgy dossier ...

Until recently I would also have tended to the full-blown conspiracy theory myself.

“Evidence” in the tabloid sense anyway was mounting in the form of testimony from endless “experts” who argued that it would have been impossible for Kelly to have committed suicide as described. Now all that has been blown away (for me anyway) by comments from the pathologist who carried out the post mortem.

Nicholas Hunt describes the death as textbook suicide. What of the infamous absence of blood? There was plenty, he says. Some had coagulated on the deceased’s arms. Some had seeped into the ground. And Mr Kelly, he says, was not a well man and would have bled to death very quickly.

Case closed. For me, anyway. Hardened conspiracy theorists, I suspect though, may take a lot more convincing.

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