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Why Jamie has fat chance of getting Americans to slim

By Lindy McDowell

Jamie Oliver has launched himself upon the well-upholstered poor of America in a well-intentioned attempt to wean them off deep-fried pizza and super-sized helpings of calorie-laden junk.

As anyone who has ever dined in America will know, he may have his work cut out. The right to bear doggy bags is written into the US constitution. It is forbidden to leave a restaurant without the leftovers of half a cake under your oxter. American portions come in three sizes — individual, family and village.

But then, we should talk Wander around the cathedrals of chocolate that supermarkets have become this Easter and you get a hint as to why obesity is such a major issue here too.

Will Jamie with his pukka Mockney charm win over the Yanks? The signs are not great. A radio station has already laid into him — “Who made you king?”

There’s also the sensitive matter — referred to by some commentators — of Jamie’s own chubby-cheeked padding. Is he really the best example of calorific self-denial we could have provided for Americans? Maybe we should have sent them Girls Aloud.

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