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Why Linfield loves Lucy

The former Miss NI Lucy Evangelista appeared on the Linfield website this week modelling the team’s new football strip.

And very fetching it is, too

Although you can’t help worrying that the boys themselves might get a founder in it. Isn’t it just a bit, well, short in the navel region?

On closer inspection of the picture you will see that actually the shirt has been ripped to allow for a more ‘sultry’ shot of Miss Evangelista.

And it seems that once the Linfield bosses saw this and a few other artfully ripped-shirt shots they had them withdrawn from public perusal. In reports the photographs are described as ‘provocative’.

Are those in charge at Windsor Park really shocked by these pics? Or is the fuss about them just a very clever PR move to win the new kit (as indeed it has) headline coverage?

Tellingly, I notice that the ‘provocative’ pictures top the list of most read articles on the Belfast Telegraph website.

Provoking someone called Mike to make the observation that: “This is probably the most talent you will see in a Linfield shirt this season.”

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