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Why oil spill won’t calm troubled waters

By Lindy McDowell

Britain stood shoulder-to-shoulder with America in the latter’s War on Terror.

But come an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and all that special relationship stuff goes glugging down the bore hole.

Suddenly BP is the Great Satan. And its not terribly slick (in the PR sense) boss is being mercilessly bombarded at a Congressional hearing.

The problem is that while BP may be picking up the tab for the clean-up, Barack Obama knows all too well that, ultimately, the buck stops with them.

The worse the oil spill gets, the more political flak eventually comes their way. Could it get much worse?

Here’s the thing. For years we worried that, as a result of global warming, old Mother Nature might one day spontaneously combust.

That she’d go out in a blaze of spiralling temperatures.

Now the worry may be that actually they’ve cut the old girl’s jugular.

That oil-filled diplomatic gulf between the US and UK is only a drop in the ocean then — compared to the true enormity of the environmental disaster.

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