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Why Putin's singing will make you Vlad all over...

By Lindy McDowell

Look out Simon Cowell! No sooner has this year's X Factor winner churned out the traditional end-of-term CD than a potential contender for similar chart success emerges in the unlikely form of Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia.

Like a cross between Wagner and well, Wagner, Putin grabbed the mic and enthusiastically warbled an old hit to international guests at a recent Moscow gathering.

His choice - Blueberry Hill - might have raised a few eyebrows on the Cowell panel. ("Frankly I just find it too karaoke, Vlad. I think you've blown it with that song choice.")

Still. Old Red Eyes gave it his all.

"The weend in the weelows played laf's sweed meelodee ... "

Maybe after all that wrestling with tigers, yomping bare-chested through the forest and snarling alpha-dog-like at other world leaders, Vlad thought it just might show his more fluffy side.

But somehow I can't see him going in for the emotional roller-coaster language of talent show contestants. What Mr P wants is just the applause. And the votes ...

So might his wee turn behind the mic give the boy band in Downing Street ideas on how to boost their popularity?

Cameron and Clegg. Westminster's answer to One Direction.


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