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Why should we all jump on the ban wagon?

In one day this week, stories in the headlines included calls to ban the burka, to ban cheap booze, to ban elderly drivers on the road and to ban butter (it’s bad for your arteries.)

Shouldn’t we just consider banning bans?

I’m not even sure how some of these bans would work.

Remember how when some restaurants and shopping centres banned hoodies and headgear the people who mostly fell foul of the new regulations appeared to be exclusively little old ladies in their knitted bobble hats.

Banning butter — how would you do that?

Wouldn’t it just open up a whole trade in black market Dromona?

Lurpak pushers would be on every street corner.

Special teams would have to be set up to counter this spreading menace.

Before you know it Golden Cow would be designated a Class B substance

And if we’re deemed too irresponsible to handle dairy spread, how long before Cheddar makes it on the list of banned substances?

Banning things just make them seem more attractive. We should be left to make up our own minds about what we eat.

I can’t believe it’s not better.

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