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Will we be drinking to sight of Martin on Jubilee mug?

By Lindy McDowell

When the Queen visits us later this month (dates already officially flagged up; how times have changed!) she will be greeted, it now seems all but certain, by someone from Sinn Fein.

But who will be that someone?

The smart money would seem to be on Martin McGuinness who is, of course, deputy First Minister and as such, is likely to be invited to meet her at one of the official functions.

But never mind the political implications of such a meeting. What I can't wait for is the commemorative mug to mark the event. Her Majesty and Martin together on earthenware design would surely be a collector's item to surpass all others. As Tony might have said, I feel the handle of history upon us.

The problem about any Royal handshake from Sinn Fein's point of view, though, is that it doesn't just lay them open to sneering from the dissident quarter, but it will also seem less seismic than it might have been had it happened even a year back.

In the interim, Her Majesty has been to Dublin and done all the truly historic stuff down there.

In a way Sinn Fein are left looking like the also-rans.

So will Martin choose to be the man in the big picture (and potentially, on the commemorative mug.) Who would your money be on?


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