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Wonder if she's really Protestant?

By Lindy McDowell

Does the usually staid daily newspaper of the Vatican occasionally indulge in a little light-hearted whimsy? Is the Hulk a Catholic?

Not so long ago L'Osservatore Romano which normally majors on heavy issues of church and state, suggested that Homer Simpson, patriarch of the cartoon family could be a Catholic.

I can't remember what evidence this was based upon. From a Northern Ireland perspective you'd say – Simpson? Surely a Planter name.

This week the team at L'Osservatore have been considering superheroes (of the non-angelic band variety) and trying to ascertain what it calls their "religiousness".

In other words which foot they kick with. According to the paper there is reference to religious symbols in comic book coverage of the exploits of The Hulk aka Bruce Banner which would suggest he may be one of the Pope's flock. He is holding rosary beads.

The paper isn't entirely convinced: "Is it enough for a person to have a rosary in his hand to be defined a Catholic?" it muses.

Over here, it could be a clincher putting the Hulk very much in the green as opposed to orange camp.

The paper has also found some comic book reference to Batman's mother being Catholic. (But what about the Bat side of the family?)

And Superman Clark Kent is seemingly, a Methodist.

Spiderman? Possibly he ticks the 'No Religion' box. As for Superheroic womenfolk ...

Wonder Woman done up in all that red, white and blue, like a shapely flag protester, is surely a Prod. Although given the cleavage, the basque and those high cut shorts possibly not a Free P ...

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