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Working for the spooks is no licence to thrill

Good news sisters! MI5 is about to launch a recruitment drive aimed specifically at women.

Apparently the little ladies have hitherto been put off applying for espionage duty because TV shows like Spooks have, well, spooked them.

It's all that messy violence. Being shot at and stuff. Breaking fingernails on those big, nasty torpedo launchers.

Bosses at MI5 point out, reassuringly, that the role they actually have in mind for the laydees is more office based. And likely to include desk work. Analysing data.

They don't actually use the words "filing cabinet" but you get the jist.

Don't all rush, girls.

Of course, the office environment may be a quantum of solace for the likes of Miss Moneypenny. But what about those of a more Mata Hari bent?

Presumably there's always the Russian Secret Service. But not a whole lot of action there either, these days.

You could even end up in the Mid West of America married to your fellow spook trying to pass yourself off as Mom of the Month. On an Irish passport.

Generally spying for women seems to be a whole lot more mundane than the movies (and Spooks) make it look.

True, for those who want nine-to-five security with an edgy sounding codename, it's an obvious option.

But for those who want action with possibly even a View to a Kill?

Basically, Grace Jones sold you a pup.


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