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You might regret getting it off your chest on Twitter

By Lindy McDowell

Karen Danczuk is one of that rare, new breed - the selfie-made superstar. Ms Danczuk, a former Labour councillor, and recently separated wife of a Labour MP, has built a career entirely out of posting online multiple pics of her chest area.

On her Twitter account (followers: 61k and rising) she describes herself as "the only female councillor ever to make international news" adding self-importantly, "I am the Queen of the Selfie".

As she keeps us abreast of news from the family front, there appears to be no milestone in Karen's life - or indeed Karen's day - which cannot be best illustrated with a shot of her, granted, impressive cleavage.

Simon Danczuk MP, formerly Mr Queen of the Selfie, does not appear to have had a big problem in the past with his wife's obsessive focus on her boobs. Previously he's even credited it as one reason - or possibly two - why he's been popular with the voters. The couple were, their respective Twitter accounts both seemed to suggest, the very dearest bosom pals.

But then just recently, the once sweetly tweeting Danczuks parted and suddenly it was all acrimony, online mud-slinging, accusation, counter-accusation and much selfie righteousness.

She said the marriage broke up because she (ie, her cleavage) had become more famous that her MP husband and he was just plain jealous.

"I've gone from being fat, frumpy Karen to happy, confident and sexy Karen," noted not particularly modest Karen.

Her husband hit back. He accused her of having an affair with her personal trainer.

"It is ridiculous. She is revelling in it. The whole thing is so brazen. I thought she'd have more respect for me as the father of her kids. I feel a fool."

The personal trainer tweeted they were just good friends. She tweeted that she was disgusted, accusing the estranged Mr D of being arrogant, bad-tempered and an alcoholic. The MP said he'd turned to drink because he was suffering from depression. He told her she should have kept things private. She said she hadn't done any media, so why was he telling her to keep it private? And so on back and forth, back and forth.

A whole Wimbledon of personal abuse.

It's not entirely a new thing this - a high profile couple washing their dirty linen in public. The new twist thanks to social media is that now the dirty linen is being hung up online for many, many more tens of thousands to ogle and opine upon. The selfie has become a stick to beat your ex with.

Karen obviously feels it's the best way to get things off one's chest. Mr Danczuk (his online following a comparatively low 15k) has chosen to go down the tabloid/radio interview route. Respected for his work with the victims of child abuse, he has confessed that the pressure of dealing with often heart-breaking and gruelling cases has contributed to his depression. He's now stepping back a bit from that work.

I feel sorry for the man. Frankly, I feel sorry for them both. Karen, for all her silly selfie obsession, is hardly a great role model for impressionable young girls. She's not exactly from the Harriet Harman mould of Labour female politician. This is not what a feminist looks like.

But generally her posting is just harmless attention-seeking tosh. She's not one of the great monsters of our time. Nor is her ex. As is so often the case - even when less famous separating couple snipe and bicker - the only people the pair of them have been hurting is themselves.

These are (presumably) intelligent people. But sadly in their very public spat they seem to have ditched common sense and lost all sight of selfie respect.

Can you tell me whatever happened to #dignity?

Money makes the world go wrong

From Grexit to Nama, the week’s headlines have been dominated by financial complexity.

How will the Greek ‘no’ vote (oxi, to use their word) impact on the rest of Europe?

Who’s to say? It may be some time before we discover if that ‘no’ really was a clever economic move. Or oxi-moronic.

As for the Nama business (remember when someone once described this place as Sicily without sun?), the Assembly holds an inquiry. A sum of £7m is bandied about.

If it was you or me the immediate inquiry, I feel, would be of the PSNI variety.

Rihanna on song to make a killing

The latest Rihanna video to accompany her new song BBHMM truly is a gore-fest.

She kidnaps and tortures a rich white woman. She uses a chainsaw on an accountant. She ends up dripping more blood than a Tarantino movie.

It really is uncomfortable viewing. Dear God, what was she thinking? Profits obviously.

But given the global hubbub the single will sell. Financially Rihanna will make a killing. She’s certainly upped the controversy quotient since the days she was romping topless in a field off the Bangor dual carriageway.

Hopeless place? North Belfast, you got off lightly.

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