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Young Romeo is wearing it well

By Lindy McDowell

Young Romeo Beckham who is aged all of ten has been chosen as the new face of fashion label Burberry.

It's a smart publicity move from the firm whose bosses would have calculated the headlines this would entail.

But I'm not sure the boy is going to cut it as a model.

He looks far too happy.

In just about every picture from his first fashion shoot Romeo is grinning, laughing even.

As well he might ...

Wearing a trench coat, he is pictured pointing an umbrella at a pair of adult models also kitted out in Burberry rainwear.

This sour looking duo are more what we have come to expect from an upmarket marketing campaign.

The woman, bizarrely, has lifted her (very bare) leg aloft at a weird angle. As if she has suddenly stepped in dog poo.

She and her male companion stare off into the middle distance. He has the wild-eyed vacant glare of a walk-on vampire from the Twilight movies. If you met them in the street, you would definitely cross the road.

No wonder wee Romeo is laughing ...

And laughing all the way to the piggy bank presumably as it is to be assumed he's been well paid for his efforts.

All of which must put the pressure on the rest of Clan Beckham to get out there and start earning.

But is this a good thing?

Romeo looks as though he's having a ball. And it's hardly the same as being forced up a chimney to earn a crust in Victorian times.

But his parents hardly need the cash. And their children, you would think, are in the spotlight quite enough already.

Romeo's a bit young yet for the trenches.


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