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EU referendum: Remain campaigners' catalogues of calamity and dossiers of doom a sign of growing panic

By Nelson McCausland

The days go by and we are now just a week away from the European Union referendum. As it draws nearer, the dire predictions from David Cameron and the Remain camp grow ever more frequent and strident. It seems that every day now we are subjected to more catalogues of calamity and dossiers of doom.

Cameron warned us that if the United Kingdom left the EU, it could lead to a third World War in Europe. He also warned us that it could lead to financial ruin, with the destruction of the pensions system and the decimation of the health service.

In this, he has been joined by his good friend and next-door neighbour George Osborne, who has also warned of a multitude of impending disasters.

They are relentless in their prophecies of catastrophe, and the onslaught is so relentless that it is a clear sign of a growing desperation in Downing Street.

However, it just doesn’t ring true. If leaving the EU will result in even a fraction of the catastrophes that have been predicted by Mr Cameron, why on earth did he ever promise a referendum in the first place? And why did he suggest that, if he failed to negotiate real change, he would campaign to leave?

Was it all just a confidence trick by Cameron to placate a large section of his own party? And is it not the case that desperation has now set in as he sees the referendum sitting on a knife-edge? Did he not know about all these disasters back at the start of it all?

Back in 2013, Cameron set out his vision for a reformed EU and promised fundamental change.

However, when he went in to negotiate change, he didn’t even ask for many of the measures he had outlined. Furthermore, he didn’t even get the changes he asked for. He was humiliated by the EU and came home almost empty-handed.

That is because the EU is unreformed and unreformable. The fatcats and the eurocrats who dominate the organisation have no intention of conceding reform. They like it just the way it is because it suits them.

As a result, and with strong support for the Leave campaign, Downing Street is working overtime to ensure there is an incessant stream of statements, speeches and tweets in support of Remain.

Bill Clinton wrote in the New Statesman, the Archbishop of Canterbury weighed in, and a transvestite comedian undertook a nationwide tour to back the EU.

On top of all the warnings of disaster for the UK, there has been a specific focus on Northern Ireland, and two former prime ministers, Tony Blair and Sir John Major, flew in to warn us of the risks.

However, that sort of stage-managed event with yesterday’s men has little effect. In any case, who believes Tony Blair about anything these days?

US diplomat Richard Haass even tweeted that if the UK voted to leave the EU, it could “trigger violence” in Northern Ireland. Is there no end to the inventiveness of these folk?

All that is, of course, on top of the general warnings about almost every disaster imaginable, with the possible exception of the Black Plague.

However, there is still another week to go, so there is still time for someone to pop up with a warning about that, as well.

Indeed, if they run out of ideas for potential calamities, they could, of course, turn to the Book of Exodus and look up the 10 plagues that were inflicted on Egypt in the time of Moses.

The problem for the Remain camp is that the more warnings they make and the more extreme and strident they become, more and more ordinary people are repelled by their threats.

They are simply tired of being battered and bullied by the outlandish rhetoric of the political elite.

So, keep it up, lads. You’re all doing a grand job. Vote Leave.

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